Your trusted labor network

As a stay-at-home mom, with children in the age between five and twelve years, I’m seeking for a job to facilitate extra income and expand my social contacts but find it difficult to find a job in my direct neighborhood during school times. I need a platform like QlickJob allowing me to support companies in my direct environment in a flexible way and receive a compensation for the tasks I perform.

QlickJob has a vision and concept to solve this problem and we are now developing the solution. Please be aware: the platform as described is not operational yet! We are building this for you: contact us and share your idea’s! Would you like to be the first user or help us test it? Send us an email and we’ll invite you as soon as the platform is operational.  Would you like to speed up development? Then please donate us some of your Bitcoin bits or your time.

The Qlickjob platform

On our platform Qlickcompanies offer micro jobs containing tasks that are typically outside their core business. Task that are not mission critical but are supporting their operations. These jobs are offered with a clear task description. Tasks typically are limited in time (hours) and flexible in planning. A Qlickcompany accepting support by a Qlickjobber is based on trust without selection. Compensated is based on the time planning estimated by the Qlickcompany offering the micro job.

Anyone can be a Qlickcompany: companies, voluntary organisations, associations, persons, governments!

How it works

We offer a decentralized application, owned by a network of trust. This network stores micro jobs securely, executes contracts in an automated fashion and handles transactions for compensations without middlemen costs.

How QlickJob works
How it works

How it works

  1. A Qlickcompany (or any private person) submits a job and transfers the compensation for it based on time planning to the job’s wallet.
  2. This job is added as a smart contract to the trusted network. Now the task description, time-box and estimated time planning cannot be changed anymore!
  3. A Qlickjobber selects the job, accepts the terms (task description, time-box, planning and compensation) and performs the task described.
  4. When accepting the job it’s smart contract immediately transfers 50% of the compensation to the Qlickjobber’s wallet. This transaction is performed by the trusted network, not by QlickJob nor the Qlickcompany.
  5. When the time-box for the job’s task expires, both Qlickcompany and Qlickjobber will rate each other. Rates are transferred to the job’s smart contract on the trusted network. The remaining 50% compensation is transferred to the Qlickjobber’s wallet. These transactions are performed by the trusted network, not by QlickJob nor the Qlickcompany. All transactions of this job are now completed and are immutable stored on the trusted network. The job’s wallet is closed.
  6. Should a job expire without being selected and executed in step 3, the compensation is returned to the Qlickcompany’s wallet. This transaction is performed by the trusted network, not by QlickJob nor the Qlickcompany. The job’s wallet is closed.

Learn more

Go here and learn more about the decentralized application technology behind QlickJob’s trusted labor network.